Sporty Chic Trend

A cross between sportswear and fashionable day wear. Designed to take you from the gym to coffee with the girls, creators of these lines are exploring new heights, mixing the latest fashion trends in color and materials with the functionality of movement and comfort.  

This season all kinds of sports are trendy: from jogging to surfing. This summer you can express your sporty mood.  It is not meant to be in your gym outfit going around. This trend is about sporty chic casuals with vivid colors and soft materials.  When you think about sporty outfits don't think about baggy T-shirts and sweat pants. Think about a nice pair of leggings paired with a gorgeous over the thighs long T shirt, pulled back hair and a pair of sunglasses.

Add sporty accents to your wardrobe in the form of Caps, Varsity Jackets, Sneakers or Canvas, Sports Tshirts or Jerseys, or turn your track pants into a fashion staple. Keeping it form-fitting, structured and feminine. Flurry accents, plasticized trimmings and waterproof outerwear have all found their way into casual brand names.
wear sweatpants long or Capri, a nice pair of sneakers or even flip flops with a simple tank top, an over sized handbag and a scarf or a pair of sunglasses.  

accessorize your pants or a sporty skirt with a baseball cap, a handbag and sunglasses

Legwarmers are fun and flexible to wear, giving that comfortable sports vibe whilst also making a fashion statement. Wear them under your favorite boots, or over a pair of patterned or plain tights  

The sports inspired look is all about blending the comfort and ease of exercise wear with your day to day styl.